six days new | Santa Fe, NM Newborn Photographer

I spent about an hour last week with the teeniest, most beautiful, cuddliest (did I mention adorable??) little new baby girl!  She was sooo small, less then six pounds!  I guess mine were all that size at one point too…  well before they were born…  ;)

six day old newborn baby girl with eyes open

I have been trying for a more natural feel for my newborn portraits–back when I started I was all about the PROPS BABY! :)  But these days I am heavily leaning towards a more natural or believable approach.  It is one thing to photograph a baby with a huge set of wings, or on top of a stack of neatly folded white towels…  And I’m not saying there isn’t a place for those kinds of portraits!  But I personally have started aiming for more realistic portraits–definitely “created” or posed, but in such a way that you could picture such a thing happening all on its own. :)   (End of philosophy section!) ;)

six day old newborn baby girl in pink, sleeping

six day old newborn baby girl sleeping

Little Aaliyah was sooo easy to photograph!   She didn’t cry even the tiniest little bit (!) and didn’t seem to mind being moved around.  She watched me for a little bit with those big blue eyes, and I’m pretty sure she was enjoying her experience based on all the adorable little newborn smiles she was giving me!!  Then she decided to just go to sleep….  so she did it instantly, without a sound! :)  My kinda baby, let me tell you!! ;)

six day old newborn baby girl in black and white

six day old newborn baby girl in polka dot wrap with pink flower

Such squishy little cheekies!!  One of the bestest little parts of babies!! :)

six day old newborn baby girl, closeup of sleeping face, with flower headband and bracelet

six day old newborn baby girl with flower headband sleeping in diaper

Thanks again to Sara for letting me play with your new baby. :)  She is so adorable!  It really was my pleasure! :)  And thanks to Monica, Brittany, Arianna, & Chris for helping make it happen! :)



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August Rain, Class of 2012 | Santa Fe, NM High School Senior Photographer

Several weeks ago, I had a high school senior session schedule that had to be postponed a week—and what a good thing!  Just days before the actual session, all of the lovely trees and flowers in downtown Santa Fe came into bloom, creating a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful young lady’s senior portraits. :)  We did a lot of walking, a little climbing, some sweating (on my part anyway, as usual–why do I always get so hot on portrait sessions?) and ended up with some great portraits which I hope will bring back wonderful memories for years to come!  Thanks, August and Kelly, for asking me to help you capture this special time!  It was my pleasure! :)


high school girl senior portraits santa fe new mexico nm

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a family affair | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family and Child Photographer

A recurring theme….  This is not the first time this family has appeared on my blog (here they were almost a year ago), and I hope it won’t be the last! :)  One of my oldest and bestest buddies needed updated family photos, and this time the grandparents came along as well!   I think that family portraiture is so important, and I love being able to include extended family members.

We held the session at Jessica’s parents’ home, where she grew up.  She and her children both have many fun memories in this place, and we wanted to capture some of those special places in their family photos.  I will say–it was HOT! :)  I don’t think anybody expected 80 degree temperatures in Michigan in March, but we were just glad it wasn’t snowing or muddy or raining! :)  A little buggy maybe, but no rain. ;)

Our goal was to get some family portraits with everyone, some of Mike and Jessica and their four children, and some of just their shortest little member, Mr. Lincoln. :)  We wandered through the woods and up into a field, saw a snake, got bitten by mosquitoes, poked by sticks, scratched by thorns, climbed a rickety ladder (!) and just had a nice sweaty good time. :)  Thank you so much again for letting me take your family photos, guys!  It is always a privilege!!

family photo with grandparents

grandparents with grandkids

family photos

family photos

family fun photos

mother and children photos

father and baby boy photos

handsome baby boy ten months

ten month old baby boy portrait

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Family Moments | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

While I was home in MI last month (!! What–March is gone already??!) I had the opportunity to do a family portrait session for some friends of a friend…  :)  Had such a fun time just being a little crazy and taking some lovely family photos for them!  Thanks so much for asking me, Bridget!! :)







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Casey + Adam | March 3, 2012

Thanks so much to Casey and Adam for asking me to photograph your wedding!  I truly enjoyed the entire day–what a fun and relaxed wedding party. :)   Best wishes for many years of happiness together!!

wedding dress


wedding ring and flowers

bride getting ready

bride and mother in mirror

bride and sister

bride putting on mascara

bride with veil

ring bearer and father

groom getting ready

groom and ring bearer

groom portraits

wedding party girls charlie's angels

wedding party guys laughing

wedding party laughing

bride and father coming down aisle

groom sees bride at altar

wedding party during ceremony

bride and groom during ceremony

bride and groom during ceremony

bride and groom

bride and groom kiss and recessional

bride and groom black and white

bride and groom getaway


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Jonathan, Senior 2012 | Santa Fe, NM High School Senior Photographer

I spent a really nice hour or so last week in the Santa Fe Riverbed, in downtown Santa Fe; and why else would I be there but for a high school senior session!?!?  :)  Meet Jonathan, class of 2012!

guy high school senior portrait, seated in santa fe riverbed, downtown santa fe, nm

high school senior guy portraits in santa fe riverbed, downtown santa fe, nm

There we were, minding our own business, doing our own thing, when something caught my eye in the background as I was looking through my viewfinder.  Tan color, long fluffy tail, pointy nose….  WHAT?!?!  Yes, it was definitely a coyote, wandering right through downtown Santa Fe!

coyote standing by santa fe riverbed, downtown santa fe, nm

(Here is where I admit that 1.) I moved to Santa Fe almost exactly a year ago, and while I was obviously aware that they inhabit the area, I never expected to see one *DOWNTOWN* of all places;  2.) I have seen coyotes before, in zoos, and they look much smaller behind cages and while they are of course doing the “zoo thing” a.k.a. napping in the corner where they are barely visible; and 3.) I was at first concerned that it might have rabies—why else would it be wandering around downtown with plenty of people out and about?  But–it definitely looked scared, and “they” say animals with rabies lose their natural fear of humans, so I just took a quick picture and watched him run away down the riverbed…  Yes,* our* riverbed….  )  Oh, and for the record, Jonathan definitely didn’t look bothered in the slightest.  In fact, I think he thought it was “cool.”  Such a guy.

high school senior guy portraits in graduation gown


high school senior guy portrait in graduation gown in santa fe riverbed new mexico

high school senior guy portraits with gown over shoulder, santa fe, nm

Jonathan, thanks again for the chance to work with you on your senior portraits!



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family moments | Santa Fe, NM Family and Children’s Photographer

family sitting in snow for family portrait, laughing and smiling, Hyde Park, Santa Fe

Almost a year ago, I made a friend at a park of all places (if you know me, you know I’m not the super-most outgoing type unless I need to be) ;) at a time when she and I both a needed  friend…  A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of making some family portraits for her family—just in time for all the snow in the Sangre de Cristos…  :)  I had been in the exact same location two days earlier for a senior session, but the look was 100% different, since by Saturday a good 6-8″ of snow had fallen!

black and white family image, son throwing snowball at dad

We talked earlier that day about the possibility of postponing or relocating their session; but we all decided to just go with the flow and make it work!  I think the resulting images are fun and capture a true sense of their family.  You can’t help but be spontaneous when your son keeps throwing snowballs at you on the sly.  :)

black and white family image, dad rubbing snow on son's head

composite of one year old girl in pink coat, standing in the snow

Composite of six year old boy throwing snowballs, laughing in snow

Overall our plan of action was just to have a good time, let the kids play around a little bit, and take some great images of their family; and I think we succeeded!

black and white composite of mom with one year old baby girl

six year old boy standing on tree stump showing muscles; dad turning him upside down

During the session, Jamie said something to the effect of “sometimes the unexpected circumstances make for the best photos.”  These circumstances were certainly unexpected, but they also showcase some great family moments!

six year old boy jumping off a large rock into the snow

family portraits with fall aspen colors in the background, in the snow, Hyde Park, Santa Fe, NM

husband and wife black and white portrait by a tree

Thanks again to all of you for the opportunity to photograph your family!  I hope the portraits bring back great memories for years to come!!



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Brittany | Class of 2012 | Santa Fe, NM High School Senior Photographer

high school senior girl black and white leaning face on hand

I enjoyed what was possibly one of my easiest and most enjoyable sessions ever a few weeks ago, up in Hyde Park in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains here in Santa Fe.  Brittany and I were on a mission….  senior portraits that would capture who she is and not make her mom cry.  (Okay, never mind that last part.) ;)  Brittany is a gorgeous girl who basically let me do whatever I wanted for the session; what’s not to love?!   Despite the *extremely* cold temperatures, she managed to look beautiful, natural and comfortable; and my personal favorite part of these portraits we made is that her sweet and lovely personality shines through.  So at this point, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves!

high school senior girl portraits fall hyde park santa fe

high school senior girl portraits leaning on log aspens in background fall hyde park santa fe nm

high school senior girl portraits sitting against rock wall

high school senior girl portraits cap and gown class of 2012

high school girl senior portraits cap and gown hyde park santa fe nm leaning on fence

high school senior girl portraits lying in stand of aspens chin in hand

high school senior girl portraits lying on ground chin on arms

high school senior girl portraits black and white lying on back in grass

Love, Lisa


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fall in Santa Fe | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Hands down, fall has been my favorite season over this past year.

Hyde Park aspens and pines set against a cloudy sky in fall

Someone told me the other day, “Hey, brown is a color too!”

Scenes from Santa Fe, NM in the fallNext time you hear me complain mention all of the brown, send me to this post.

Aspen bark and green plants with curly thingsI have been really amazed at the gorgeous variety and colors I’ve seen over the past week!!

Purple colors in fall in Santa Fe, NM

Keep in mind that November will complete my family’s first full year in Santa Fe, and we weren’t really sure what all to expect from fall, as we pretty much missed it when we moved here last year.

fall scenes around Santa Fe, NMMy parents have been in town for the past week and a half or so, and we have been dragging chauffeuring them all over the countryside, squeezing as much as possible into a too-short trip.  I’ve enjoyed myself anyway! :)

Hyde Park view at sunset in fall, Santa Fe, NM

Green leaves with red stems, Fall, Santa fe, NM

Hyde Park overlook at sunset, Santa Fe, NM

Yellow and orange mums, botanical gardens, albuquerque, nm

I photographed all of these images over the past couple of weeks, around northern New Mexico.  They make me happy.

white flower outlined against bright blue sky
If you were to hypothetically hover over or click on any of these images and see that I named them all something starting with “bloggityblog,” that could hypothetically give a clue as to how happy they make me.  I usually name my blog files something like “blog1” or “blog2”  or “blog47.”  Depending, you know.  :)

three year old boy at rio grande gorge in taos, nm

Oops, slipped that one in there. :)  Just enjoying the lovely fall scenery!  (I actually felt like I had to include this because landscape photography is so totally NOT my normal “thing,” and I wanted this post to be outside of my comfort zone but still represent what I love to do the most—photograph children.)  :)

black and white striped butterfly on flowered plant

water lily

wheat looking things at Hyde Park in Santa fe

Wild Cactuses!

(This one makes me smile and think of my boys; when we first moved here they were so excited to see cactuses—cacti??–all over, and every time they would spot one, somehow it started that they would yell “WILD CACTUSES!!!”

view from the four seasons visitors center at the top of sandia peak, sandia park tramway

Even with all of those years I missed out on a real winter, this year I am enjoying fall too much to be ready for snow.

That is not a complaint.






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class of 2012 | Santa Fe, NM Senior Portrait Photographer

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of taking senior portraits for one of the sweetest girls I know.  Brittany is very happily member of the graduating class of 2012! Let me just say, if her ability to look awesome while FUH-REEZING is any indication, she will do well in life!!!  We went up to Hyde Park here in Santa Fe, and I think I already mentioned on my Facebook page (here if you aren’t already a fan!) ;) that my car thermometer said 59 degrees at the base of the mountain, and 45 when we parked at our first stop.  Hello, winter!!  Whatever happened to “fashionably late”??


But I digress…  As neither Brittany nor her mom are on facebook, I wanted to post just a couple of my favorites from their session here!  (Mom…  Get a box of Kleenex before going any further…  Just do it.)

Santa Fe, NM Senior Girl Portraits at Hyde Park with aspens, stream

Santa Fe, NM Senior Girl Portraits at Hyde park with aspens, rock wall, grass

I will have the rest of your images ready within the next few days!  Thank you again for the opportunity; I hope the photos bring back amazing memories for years to come!!



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