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sweet siblings | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Check out this adorrrrable little brother & sister!  Aren’t they the cutest little kiddoes ever?!

We spent an hour or so last spring playing in the grass by the roundhouse…  Just so their mommy could remember this time in their lives. :)



Mr. Handsome D was super full of energy… :)


…but you can’t fake that sweetness!


Miss A wasn’t so sure she wanted me and my big camera and reflector to come anywhere near her at first.  She snuggled with mama while she made up her mind about me.



These forsythia bushes are a favorite of mine.  I’ve always loved forsythia, from the days when I would slide my hand down a branch and collect all the little flowers up into one big “flower” in my palm.  (Much to my mother’s chagrin…)  Love the bright backdrop they give to these photos.



If you think this little darling looks familiar, you might be remembering seeing her newborn portraits here.  Seriously, I think I say “This one is a favorite” after every session, but it really feels like EACH one is my favorite at the time!  Tomorrow I’ll have another favorite (not a “new” favorite as in a replacement…..  Just another!) ;)

Another big thank you to these cuties’ mommy for sharing your family with me and my camera!


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a family affair | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family and Child Photographer

A recurring theme….  This is not the first time this family has appeared on my blog (here they were almost a year ago), and I hope it won’t be the last! :)  One of my oldest and bestest buddies needed updated family photos, and this time the grandparents came along as well!   I think that family portraiture is so important, and I love being able to include extended family members.

We held the session at Jessica’s parents’ home, where she grew up.  She and her children both have many fun memories in this place, and we wanted to capture some of those special places in their family photos.  I will say–it was HOT! :)  I don’t think anybody expected 80 degree temperatures in Michigan in March, but we were just glad it wasn’t snowing or muddy or raining! :)  A little buggy maybe, but no rain. ;)

Our goal was to get some family portraits with everyone, some of Mike and Jessica and their four children, and some of just their shortest little member, Mr. Lincoln. :)  We wandered through the woods and up into a field, saw a snake, got bitten by mosquitoes, poked by sticks, scratched by thorns, climbed a rickety ladder (!) and just had a nice sweaty good time. :)  Thank you so much again for letting me take your family photos, guys!  It is always a privilege!!

family photo with grandparents

grandparents with grandkids

family photos

family photos

family fun photos

mother and children photos

father and baby boy photos

handsome baby boy ten months

ten month old baby boy portrait

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Family Moments | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

While I was home in MI last month (!! What–March is gone already??!) I had the opportunity to do a family portrait session for some friends of a friend…  :)  Had such a fun time just being a little crazy and taking some lovely family photos for them!  Thanks so much for asking me, Bridget!! :)







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family moments | Santa Fe, NM Family and Children’s Photographer

family sitting in snow for family portrait, laughing and smiling, Hyde Park, Santa Fe

Almost a year ago, I made a friend at a park of all places (if you know me, you know I’m not the super-most outgoing type unless I need to be) ;) at a time when she and I both a needed  friend…  A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of making some family portraits for her family—just in time for all the snow in the Sangre de Cristos…  :)  I had been in the exact same location two days earlier for a senior session, but the look was 100% different, since by Saturday a good 6-8″ of snow had fallen!

black and white family image, son throwing snowball at dad

We talked earlier that day about the possibility of postponing or relocating their session; but we all decided to just go with the flow and make it work!  I think the resulting images are fun and capture a true sense of their family.  You can’t help but be spontaneous when your son keeps throwing snowballs at you on the sly.  :)

black and white family image, dad rubbing snow on son's head

composite of one year old girl in pink coat, standing in the snow

Composite of six year old boy throwing snowballs, laughing in snow

Overall our plan of action was just to have a good time, let the kids play around a little bit, and take some great images of their family; and I think we succeeded!

black and white composite of mom with one year old baby girl

six year old boy standing on tree stump showing muscles; dad turning him upside down

During the session, Jamie said something to the effect of “sometimes the unexpected circumstances make for the best photos.”  These circumstances were certainly unexpected, but they also showcase some great family moments!

six year old boy jumping off a large rock into the snow

family portraits with fall aspen colors in the background, in the snow, Hyde Park, Santa Fe, NM

husband and wife black and white portrait by a tree

Thanks again to all of you for the opportunity to photograph your family!  I hope the portraits bring back great memories for years to come!!



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class of 2012 | Santa Fe, NM Senior Portrait Photographer

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of taking senior portraits for one of the sweetest girls I know.  Brittany is very happily member of the graduating class of 2012! Let me just say, if her ability to look awesome while FUH-REEZING is any indication, she will do well in life!!!  We went up to Hyde Park here in Santa Fe, and I think I already mentioned on my Facebook page (here if you aren’t already a fan!) ;) that my car thermometer said 59 degrees at the base of the mountain, and 45 when we parked at our first stop.  Hello, winter!!  Whatever happened to “fashionably late”??


But I digress…  As neither Brittany nor her mom are on facebook, I wanted to post just a couple of my favorites from their session here!  (Mom…  Get a box of Kleenex before going any further…  Just do it.)

Santa Fe, NM Senior Girl Portraits at Hyde Park with aspens, stream

Santa Fe, NM Senior Girl Portraits at Hyde park with aspens, rock wall, grass

I will have the rest of your images ready within the next few days!  Thank you again for the opportunity; I hope the photos bring back amazing memories for years to come!!



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one year young | Santa Fe, NM Baby Photographer

one year old girl pursing lips at camera


Loved this little just-turned-one sweetie’s session.  Baby N, her mom & I spent about an hour just having fun in Santa Fe’s beautiful early fall weather.  It was just right.


one year old girl looking worried

I can’t remember WHAT had her so worried in these couple of pictures, but we all thought she looked so funny and sweet!  These were some of our favorites from the gallery.


triptych of little girl walking, wobbling, & sitting in a dirt path

Still working on getting those land legs…  :)


black and white diptych of one year old girlI just love her variety of expressions…


one year old baby girl with her mom

We also took some time to get a few photos of mom & baby.  LOVE the colors in these!

one year old baby girl with her mom



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sweet baby girl | Santa Fe, NM Baby & Children’s Photographer

Baby girl in green hat, standing in field of yellow flowers

I spent an hour or so last Thursday with this little cutie, whose first birthday is right around the corner.  (You might remember her from another post, here.)   Her mom had mentioned all the gorgeous yellow flowers that we have been seeing around Santa Fe, and I couldn’t have been happier!  I have had my eye on those flowers too, so we found a field that was packed full of them, and went to work. :)

baby girl wearing hat in a field of flowers

Baby girl in green hat, standing in field of yellow flowers

I’m never sure how a baby is going to react when you set her down in the middle of a big patch of flowers or grass or whatever.  When I was a little girl, I was very sensitive to things that I thought were “itchy,” so I just automatically expect other children to be the same way—but this little girlie was more than happy to hang out in that big sea of yellow!

Baby girl in green hat, standing in field of yellow flowers

I had spent the morning with my family in Albuquerque, and driving back home to Santa Fe I watched the huge black clouds gathering with not much hope for our scheduled session.  I was SURE we were going to be rained out; and even if it didn’t rain, I expected it to get cold and dark.  HOWEVER, what we got instead was a nice breeze, low dark clouds, and beautiful dramatic lighting!  Now THAT is a surprise I don’t mind getting!

Baby girl standing in field of yellow flowers

I think the first birthday is such a special time in a baby’s life; of course every birthday is special, and every *moment* is special!  But the close of that first year marks so many changes and such a big jump from “newborn” to “toddler.”  I love photographing this age.  One, they don’t usually mind my camera at all; and two, they are so natural and small and curious.

Baby girl in a field of yellow flowers, with a rocking horse

Baby girl on a wooden rocking horse in a field of yellow flowers

Thanks for allowing me to spend some time with this precious little girlie!  I hope these photos will bring back wonderful memories for years to come!

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the very middlest | Santa Fe, NM Children and Baby Photographer



Zachary has always had his share of chaos around him.

three year old boy sitting on steps smiling up at camera



From the moment he was born, with his poor little punctured lung

Through his first year, which can be summarized with one word:  “crying”

On to his 2nd year, when it was truly noteworthy if he had no bruises on his head

And in his 3rd year, when his most famous and often-repeated phrase, in his most injured voice, was “I don’t like it”

Even now at the ripe age of three and a half, he is the very most likely to be dirty or to get injured or make a mess or spill or break something


But he is also the most likely to be screaming with laughter

Diving into whatever new adventure awaits

Rushing headfirst into all sort of scrapes

Full of life and passion, whichever way it takes him.

collage of two brothers and little sister, sitting on steps

He is the “very middlest” in his own words, and there is just something about him!   I could never have dreamed, three years ago, after he would FINALLY go to sleep for the evening and I would put on Enya to soothe my poor troubled ears, how much love and joy and adventure he would bring to our lives.

On Sunday I wanted to do a little mini session with our children after church, because they all sort of coordinated; and I am soooo happy with the pictures we got of the three of them.  They are all so close in age, they are bound to be best friends and worst enemies; but I think these photos captured more of the best friends aspect than the enemies, and I love them.


collage of sibling portraits

However, for some reason, the photos of Zachary, the “very middlest,” really stood out to me as being so vibrant.  They show so much of his true personality, several of his current little “faces” that he is always making, and his fun little zany-ness that is so irresistible to me.

collage of five year old boy portraits

Gabriel is the big brother, and he knows it:  he is always willing to share his most important knowledge and skills with the world around.  Especially since he is reading now, he feels extremely wise and grown up.  It’s a funny stage, and at times frustrating, but it is also very endearing and special because he IS growing up; he is transitioning from a “little boy” to a “BOY,” I refuse to call him a BIG boy yet, but he is definitely a *boy* now.  He is a good big brother, very willing to help out and guide his little brother and sister, whether they always appreciate it or not.

collage of two year old girl portraits

Madelyn is the little sister, very much happy with being the baby, and yet also becoming very independent.  She was our little surprise, and we are so glad we were surprised with her!  She is a girly girl who loves her “pretties ” and her dollies and her painted nails; and yet she can hold her own in any fight with her brothers.  She loves her puppy, loves to go outside, loves to say “He’p you?!” and loves to snuggle.

collage of three year old boy portraitsThen there’s Zachary, the middlest, with his goofy faces and fun-loving twinkly eyes.   The two bottom pictures in the set above are so typical of him lately; he has been making these crazy faces and gestures when he talks, that just crack me up!  I can’t decide if he is trying to copy something that he has seen somewhere (PLEASE Lord, not me!!) or if he is just finding new expressions of his own unique self! :)

collage of three year old boy portraits in black and white and color

Zachary, we are so thankful you are in our family, and we love every little bit of you, crazy, sweet and loving, and pessimistic. ;)  You filled up that middle spot in our family just right!

Love, Mom & Dad


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Reflecting You | Santa Fe, NM & Kalamazoo, MI High School Senior Photography

When I was asked to shoot this upcoming high school senior’s photos, I knew it was going to be a fun session, just because his entire family is hilarious!  What I didn’t count on was how much fun the shoot itself was going to be, just because of how unique and personal it was!  Hunter has been actively involved in the Police Academy for a while now, and he plans to pursue a career in police work after graduating from high school.  So he and his dad put together a shoot at the police/fire station, showcasing his very cool personal interests in a fun and awesome way!


High School Senior Boy Portrait outdoors


The entire session took place right at the police station; which shows that you can use unlikely places to turn out a wide variety of images! :)  We took some “normal” or unthemed images, and many using both a squad car and one of the firetrucks.


High School Senior Boy Portraits


We incorporated the station in inconspicuous ways; for example, the two shots above are taken inside the huge firetruck garage, with Hunter sitting up on the trunk of a squad car.


High School Senior Boy Portraits with Reflection in Car Hood

I was super happy with how all of the portraits came out; you may have noticed from the usual content of this blog that I am mostly a baby & children’s photographer, with some families thrown in there (because families are important!!)  So, a high school senior guy was a LEETLE out of my normal subject matter!  But his family and I put our heads together and came up with some awesome ideas, which I thought came out really cool and fun!  I asked them to look online to find any images they thought they would specifically like to try; and I also did some looking.  We both came prepared with one specific favorite—which it turns out was the exact same image!!  We had found the same shot online, by chance, and both absolutely loved it!  It’s always good to know you and your clients have the same end goal in mind for a shoot! :)


High School Senior Boy Humorous Portrait with Dad in back of squad car

Of course we had to do a couple just for laughs… :)  Here Hunter is locking his dad away for bad behavior…  ;)


High School Senior Boy portraits with a tree and a firetruck

High school senior boy portrait in the rear view mirror of a squad car


This was one of my favorites from the entire session–I love the expression you can feel from just the tiny little bit of him that is visible! :)


high school senior boy portraits with tree and police car


And that shot we were both so interested in getting……

High school senior boy portrait with police car in background


Congratulations, Hunter!!!


If you or someone you know is part of the class of 2012, and you’re looking for some fun, unique senior portraits that reflect who you are, shoot me an email ( to see what we can work out!



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Two Years Young | Santa Fe, NM Baby & Children’s Photographer

I will be the first to admit that this post goes a *leeeetle overboard* on the pictures!  We actually did this session in two separate installments, as we lost light a lot faster than anticipated the first night, and our little two year old wasn’t digging the whole portrait session for the most part.  However, I was VERY happy we decided to give it another try, because we ended up with a ton of beautiful photos!


Two year old girl with basket of red and green apples

We started out the night downtown Santa Fe, where I knew of some really pretty places for portraits; what I hadn’t counted on was how BUSY those pretty places would be on a Friday night! :)  We had lots of walk-throughs, even more walk-arounds, and several times we had to wait for a little opening to just quick get her set up and take a few quick ones!


two year old girl eating an apple

I thought a basket of red and green apples would make a super cute prop, tying in with the colors in her dress and everything; and I think it did make a cute prop, but I didn’t realize her mouth would be full of apple the entire time! ;)


little girl with basket of apples

She did love being “in charge of” the basket though. :)


little girl making a kissing face

Sending some love daddy’s way :)


little girl with apples in front of a blue door

Downtown Santa Fe is full of little pops of color in unexpected places, like a bright blue door here, or a turquoise (or brilliant green, or deep red) bench there…


I’m telling you, the apples were both a blessing and a curse…. ;)

Anyway, we tried again a couple nights later, in a different (much less crowded) location, and everything went much more smoothly and quickly.  Different night, different hair, different outfit, different location…  It made all the difference! :)


little girl in a tutu with braids on steps

I just loved this poofy white tutu!  She had a lot of fun wearing it, and it was a nice switch from the feel of her other outfit.  (And who doesn’t love twin french braids on a little girl?!) :)


little girl in white tutu on steps


little girl in white tutu holding purple sage flowers, playing peekaboo

She was full of cute faces and games, MORE than willing to smile for the camera. :)  (Maybe because there were no apples nearby, tempting her??)


little girl in white tutu playing peekaboo

I just loved that squishy peekaboo face!! :)


little girl in white tutu

One of my biggest “problems” or issues to deal with regarding photography since moving to Santa Fe, has been the radical change of scenery from what I was used to.  I could take any grassy field, or thickly wooded area, or white beach, and use it for a great portrait location.  But when we moved out here, the overall brown landscape and dry scenes were just not sparking my imagination.  I really like the second part of this session because we used a simple dry riverbed near sunset to contrast with her “girly girl” outfit.  It was a setting I would not have imagined liking so much, but I thought it worked really well.


little girl in white tutu standing in a dry riverbed at dusk

Learning to find inspiration where I am has taken longer than I might have wished; but one thing that has never disappointed is our gorgeous Santa Fe sky!  Looking forward to lots more beautiful backdrops like this one in sessions to come! :)



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