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{ The Jesus Storybook Bible }

In my first post (just a few posts back) on this new blog, I mentioned that I wanted to make this, among other things, a record of our life, because it is worth remembering!  One thing that, small though it may be, has played a huge part in our life for the past year is a book that we bought for our boys last Christmas. It’s called The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His NameThis is the version we have; it comes with an audio CD which is perfect for keeping in the car and listening to during those daily errands and whatnot.  Unfortunately, one of the CDs was in the player in our car during our Big Car Accident (yes I can tell you the date but you probably don’t care) ;) and we couldn’t get it out of the player, so we will definitely have to be reordering that one.

I was *going* to say, if you have children, you HAVE to order this book; but honestly, I think I enjoy it more than my kids do right now.  Why not just order it for yourself and let the kids enjoy it too if you happen to have some?!
So what is so great about The Jesus Storybook Bible?

The title basically sums it up: “Every story whispers His name.”

We are always told that the entire Bible points to Jesus Christ, but sometimes it’s hard to really see that in some of the stories or chronologies of the Old Testament, for example.   It’s easy to get caught up in the lists of rules and tales of heroes (who weren’t always as heroic as they should have been) and forget that the Bible is not a book about rules or about people or even about what we can do for God; it’s a book about God himself and his “great rescue plan” for all of mankind!

Of course, these are lessons we could teach our children (and ourselves) aside from this book.   I will say, however, that as we read a story each night before bed (yes, Gabriel chooses this book evvvvvery niiiiiight–Zachary chooses Road Builders, but that’s beside the point) I am sure that I am getting at LEAST as much out of it as he is.  I don’t regret buying it for a second, and I hope that the truth in the book never loses its charm for me–and especially not for my children.  I need all the help I can get to cram every little bit of truth I can into their heads while they are still mine to teach!

Why should YOU buy The Jesus Storybook Bible?  Because…… it’s an awesome book!  Because it’s not your cheesy watered-down typical children’s book of Bible stories! Because kids love to hear it!  Because it’s jam-packed full of God-honoring, Christ-centered stories straight from the Bible, written in a simple, beautiful way that puts the truth at the forefront!  Because it’s a much better thing to spend money on than the latest kids’ movie, cute though it may be. ;)

There’s my plug for the day!  The author/publishers of this book have no idea that I’m writing this post, and they may not even care, but when I find something that I really truly LOVE, I just want to share the news! ;)  Check it out!  And let me know if you do get it, and what you think about it!

(You can get the Spanish version of the entire book here if that is something that would benefit you…  We personally have the English version, but I would like to get the Spanish one to see how it compares!  Plus it might help motivate us with teaching the kids Spanish… ) ;)





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