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Camera Bag Wishlist of One–Kelly Moore Bag! :)

WELL, that crazy winter cold threw me totally out of my routine, and now that I am better, I think it might just start all over with the kiddoes. :(  To get my mind off of coughing, snotty noses, sore throats, and fevers, I am dreaming about super duper waaaaaay awesome camera bags!  :)

I have a Lowepro bag right now.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, you can see the one I own here.  Think functional–it holds my camera gear very safely!–and *manly*–just what I’m going for, you know–and very UNflattering.  I’m telling you, I’ve seen photos of me wearing it, and since I saw those, I have never worn it again.  Truly.  So anyway, it works for when I’m traveling and need a secure place to keep my gear, but it’s just…  ugly….  When I go out in public with my camera, I usually just use a purse, which is a lot nicer looking, but not nearly as protective for my camera and lenses.

A while back I started doing some serious research to see what was out there that worked just as well as (or even better than) my uber-functional Lowepro, yet looks more like something a woman could carry around anywhere and not look out of place.  I found several different well-known brands, several more not-so-well-known makers on etsy, read lots of reviews on ClickinMoms (have I ever mentioned how CRAZILY highly I recommend ClickinMoms to anyyyyyone who is wanting to improve their photography?!?!?!  This is not the time nor the place for a full review, but I will have to do a write-up one day!  I have learned a TON there.)   Throughout my whole process, one bag really stood out to me as something I would love to own one day.

Enter Kelly Moore Bags.   More specifically, the B-Hobo.   It looks a lot like several purses I’ve owned—but the fact that it is fully padded inside, with adjustable padded dividers to fit around specifically what I’m carrying, means no more worrying about my “glass”!  (Did I mention that thanks to my awesome husband, I have a camera body that is nearly indestructible?!  Nikon’s D700 is made of a magnesium alloy.  I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds like something Buzz Lightyear would say, right?  However, my lenses are definitely NOT indestructible!  As I’ve proven, unfortunately.)

So now the main (huge!) problem is just picking a color.  Did you see those choices?!  Last fall they had a red one, and I was all about that, but after a couple months I started thinking I should get something a little less bold.  I love the mustard:

Yellow women's camera bag

Mustard yellow is the new beige, right?!

And I love the teal:

teal women's camera bag

When did I become a "teal" kind of girl??

But I THINK I’m going to have to go for the gray!!

gray woman's camera bag

It's so pearly and goes with everything!

And because almost *everything* can use a good pop of color (especially when it comes to accessories!), it’s lined with a pretty lilac color:

gray woman's camera bag, lavendar lining

See those dividers? They are fully adjustable!

I want to clarify for those who know me well :) that this is not a spur-of-the-moment purchase!  I’ve been thinking and researching for about a year!  And this is just the best I’ve found, in my opinion!  I know there are lots of girls out there with other bags, and if you’re happy, I’m happy for ya! :)  For me, the styles and color choices available with Kelly Moore Bags are just better than anything else out there!  I can’t wait to get one (thank you Uncle Sam!) ;) and do a full review of my very own personal Kelly Moore B-Hobo in gray!!!  And I DEFINITELY can’t wait to put it to use!!  (You do realize that I’m going to be using this every day of my life, whether I’m carrying a camera or not, right?!) :)

If anyone else is ready to buy a gorgeous, woman-specific, well-made camera bag right now, look here to find a great discount offer!  Nothing like waiting until the last possible moment! ;)  Thanks Kelly for the opportunity!!


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