family fun | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

I just looooove photographing repeat clients–maybe because I look forward to seeing them again, maybe because I already know them a little bit and know what to expect, mostly (in this case) because these crazy kids just make me laugh. :)  You may have seen them before in this post; I think we had even more fun this time around.

ImageIn case you wonder–Mr. C is just that cool.  He isn’t angry. ;)

ImageImageWe made sure to get good individual portraits–and what a difference between last year and this!  Exactly the reason it’s a GREAT idea to get family portraits taken every year. :)

ImageImageI’m pretty sure one of his sisters helped me out with this fabulous smile.  :)


Middle children are my (secret) favorite.  (Don’t tell oldest or youngest children please!) ;)  This girl now has a pose named after her in GTZ-Photography-land.  :)


One last (miraculous) (energetic) (realistic) (fun) photo of all three kiddoes together….  :)
Thanks so much for the chance to take your family photos two years in a row now!  You guys are the best!  Keep that crazy/zany/wacky sense of fun around please! :)


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