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One of my photography-related goals for several years has been to do a portrait session in an apple orchard.  There is a fine line between “suggesting locations to clients” and “manipulating them into going where I want to go,” don’t you think? ;)  (Maybe the line isn’t quite so fine…)  Anyway, last summer in MI, I had several sessions scheduled which just happened to line up with blueberry season, and a blueberry field sounded close enough to an apple orchard for the time being. :)  I posted a quick “is anyone interested” on my Facebook page and I got a bite!!  Thanks so much to Amy and her beautiful family for being up for anything! :)


Isn’t that little sweat pea just toooo cute?!   Her mommy had several different adorable outfit options ready for her, and I think we went through them all; but let’s face it, she could have sat there in a feed sack and still looked absolutely precious. :)


Daddies and daughters have such a special bond–so sweet!


We spent some time by the sweet peas in bloom before moving on to the blueberry fields….  And then wouldn’t you know it, we only took about ten photos before we got kicked out! :(  (And I DID call to get permission before we went!)  I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t have lots of time in the fields, but I can’t really be TOOO disappointed when we still got such great photos overall. :)


Plan B–up front to the rustic farm stand for a little bit different look. :)


Oh my word, anyone who wonders why “littles” are my favorite–it’s because of photos like these!  I get to enjoy their cuteness over and over while I work on the session!  I’m sorry, but you just can’t beat funny baby faces and cute baby feet. :)


We squeezed in this one last shot before we really really REALLY had to leave. ;)

Amy, I loved spending a slightly muggy hour or so with you guys!  Thanks so much for the opportunity to take your family portraits!  I love how they came out even with all the interruptions, and hope they bring back good memories for you. :)

And one day I will get my full session uninterrupted in an orchard or field or patch or SOMETHING!  :)  Maybe…


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