the real thing | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

One of my favorite kinds of sessions is when I get the chance to photograph an Old and Dear Friend.  (Name that book!) ;)  This was one such session; I’ve known Jessie since we were both in elementary school together, and we did a little bit of “bonding” in college when I worked in her building.  We were even pregnant together once upon a time–her oldest, my youngest!  Good memories… :)  We set aside an hour or so when I was in MI last summer to take some family portraits.


Jessie picked out this location, and I just love how green and vibrant it is.  She also chose such fun and cute outfits for her kiddoes!  (Random–my daughter wore that little blue dress too, and when I saw Miss K show up with it on for her session, I was pretty excited!)  

I just love how “real” the above photo is–you know with littles, you’re always going to get “real” right??  I say, embrace it. :)


Mr. Energy here had an absolute blast running around the new digs. :)


And this little cutie tried to convince me that she was shy, but I knew better… ;)


Poor Baby Brother was not very excited about family photos…  But I love those cheekies!  (Baby cheeks get me every time!)


This picture makes me just smile and get all wrinkly inside (haha!) because Big Brother and Sister were so absolutely sweet and cute.  Look at their faces!!  They weren’t sure why Little Brother was crying, but they sure wished they could help! ;)


We even squeezed in some photos of Mom & Dad. :)  (Personal goal–one day I will have a couples session with my husband!  Real photos!  Of me and him together!  Like this one.) ;)

Thanks so much for sharing your family with me again!  It is always a privilege to be trusted with a portrait session.  But next time, let’s do it in Santa Fe….  Okay?? :D

(You never know, maybe I’ll get someone to visit me out here if I keep hinting!)


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