twice as nice | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Best-dressed twins alert! ;)  I think I can honestly say, I’ve never photographed better-styled 8 year olds.  And what a fun time we had last May in this little hidden garden in downtown Santa Fe!


This lovely little lady (alliteration much?) ;) was alllllll about the camera!  I think she would have been happy to keep going all night.  She was so super sweet and funny; she just loved being the center of attention for a few minutes. :)


I’m not sure if the manlier half of this pair was quite as excited about being in front of my camera…  But seriously!  GQ!!  He looked sooo handsome in his suit, and I managed to convince him to almost smile a couple of times. ;)



Big brother jumped in right at the end for a few photos too; I think I need to schedule a whole session for him now, so he can get his fair share of the spotlight. ;)

 I just loved meeting this family and spending an hour or so with their fabulous kiddoes!  Thanks so much to all of you for a lovely spring evening.  Let’s do it again sometime! :)


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