sweet siblings | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Check out this adorrrrable little brother & sister!  Aren’t they the cutest little kiddoes ever?!

We spent an hour or so last spring playing in the grass by the roundhouse…  Just so their mommy could remember this time in their lives. :)



Mr. Handsome D was super full of energy… :)


…but you can’t fake that sweetness!


Miss A wasn’t so sure she wanted me and my big camera and reflector to come anywhere near her at first.  She snuggled with mama while she made up her mind about me.



These forsythia bushes are a favorite of mine.  I’ve always loved forsythia, from the days when I would slide my hand down a branch and collect all the little flowers up into one big “flower” in my palm.  (Much to my mother’s chagrin…)  Love the bright backdrop they give to these photos.



If you think this little darling looks familiar, you might be remembering seeing her newborn portraits here.  Seriously, I think I say “This one is a favorite” after every session, but it really feels like EACH one is my favorite at the time!  Tomorrow I’ll have another favorite (not a “new” favorite as in a replacement…..  Just another!) ;)

Another big thank you to these cuties’ mommy for sharing your family with me and my camera!


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