a family affair | Santa Fe, NM and Kalamazoo, MI Family and Child Photographer

A recurring theme….  This is not the first time this family has appeared on my blog (here they were almost a year ago), and I hope it won’t be the last! :)  One of my oldest and bestest buddies needed updated family photos, and this time the grandparents came along as well!   I think that family portraiture is so important, and I love being able to include extended family members.

We held the session at Jessica’s parents’ home, where she grew up.  She and her children both have many fun memories in this place, and we wanted to capture some of those special places in their family photos.  I will say–it was HOT! :)  I don’t think anybody expected 80 degree temperatures in Michigan in March, but we were just glad it wasn’t snowing or muddy or raining! :)  A little buggy maybe, but no rain. ;)

Our goal was to get some family portraits with everyone, some of Mike and Jessica and their four children, and some of just their shortest little member, Mr. Lincoln. :)  We wandered through the woods and up into a field, saw a snake, got bitten by mosquitoes, poked by sticks, scratched by thorns, climbed a rickety ladder (!) and just had a nice sweaty good time. :)  Thank you so much again for letting me take your family photos, guys!  It is always a privilege!!

family photo with grandparents

grandparents with grandkids

family photos

family photos

family fun photos

mother and children photos

father and baby boy photos

handsome baby boy ten months

ten month old baby boy portrait


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  1. Sandy

    Love them all! Neat that Diane and Jim were included as the ‘extended’ family. Love you all….good job as always, Lisa. Aunt Sandy

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