fall in Santa Fe | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Hands down, fall has been my favorite season over this past year.

Hyde Park aspens and pines set against a cloudy sky in fall

Someone told me the other day, “Hey, brown is a color too!”

Scenes from Santa Fe, NM in the fallNext time you hear me complain mention all of the brown, send me to this post.

Aspen bark and green plants with curly thingsI have been really amazed at the gorgeous variety and colors I’ve seen over the past week!!

Purple colors in fall in Santa Fe, NM

Keep in mind that November will complete my family’s first full year in Santa Fe, and we weren’t really sure what all to expect from fall, as we pretty much missed it when we moved here last year.

fall scenes around Santa Fe, NMMy parents have been in town for the past week and a half or so, and we have been dragging chauffeuring them all over the countryside, squeezing as much as possible into a too-short trip.  I’ve enjoyed myself anyway! :)

Hyde Park view at sunset in fall, Santa Fe, NM

Green leaves with red stems, Fall, Santa fe, NM

Hyde Park overlook at sunset, Santa Fe, NM

Yellow and orange mums, botanical gardens, albuquerque, nm

I photographed all of these images over the past couple of weeks, around northern New Mexico.  They make me happy.

white flower outlined against bright blue sky
If you were to hypothetically hover over or click on any of these images and see that I named them all something starting with “bloggityblog,” that could hypothetically give a clue as to how happy they make me.  I usually name my blog files something like “blog1” or “blog2”  or “blog47.”  Depending, you know.  :)

three year old boy at rio grande gorge in taos, nm

Oops, slipped that one in there. :)  Just enjoying the lovely fall scenery!  (I actually felt like I had to include this because landscape photography is so totally NOT my normal “thing,” and I wanted this post to be outside of my comfort zone but still represent what I love to do the most—photograph children.)  :)

black and white striped butterfly on flowered plant

water lily

wheat looking things at Hyde Park in Santa fe

Wild Cactuses!

(This one makes me smile and think of my boys; when we first moved here they were so excited to see cactuses—cacti??–all over, and every time they would spot one, somehow it started that they would yell “WILD CACTUSES!!!”

view from the four seasons visitors center at the top of sandia peak, sandia park tramway

Even with all of those years I missed out on a real winter, this year I am enjoying fall too much to be ready for snow.

That is not a complaint.







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2 responses to “fall in Santa Fe | Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

  1. jochetta

    breathtaking!! You are a fabulous portrait photog, but I must say, I think you have a knack for landscape too! I loved every one of them!

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