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Zachary has always had his share of chaos around him.

three year old boy sitting on steps smiling up at camera



From the moment he was born, with his poor little punctured lung

Through his first year, which can be summarized with one word:  “crying”

On to his 2nd year, when it was truly noteworthy if he had no bruises on his head

And in his 3rd year, when his most famous and often-repeated phrase, in his most injured voice, was “I don’t like it”

Even now at the ripe age of three and a half, he is the very most likely to be dirty or to get injured or make a mess or spill or break something


But he is also the most likely to be screaming with laughter

Diving into whatever new adventure awaits

Rushing headfirst into all sort of scrapes

Full of life and passion, whichever way it takes him.

collage of two brothers and little sister, sitting on steps

He is the “very middlest” in his own words, and there is just something about him!   I could never have dreamed, three years ago, after he would FINALLY go to sleep for the evening and I would put on Enya to soothe my poor troubled ears, how much love and joy and adventure he would bring to our lives.

On Sunday I wanted to do a little mini session with our children after church, because they all sort of coordinated; and I am soooo happy with the pictures we got of the three of them.  They are all so close in age, they are bound to be best friends and worst enemies; but I think these photos captured more of the best friends aspect than the enemies, and I love them.


collage of sibling portraits

However, for some reason, the photos of Zachary, the “very middlest,” really stood out to me as being so vibrant.  They show so much of his true personality, several of his current little “faces” that he is always making, and his fun little zany-ness that is so irresistible to me.

collage of five year old boy portraits

Gabriel is the big brother, and he knows it:  he is always willing to share his most important knowledge and skills with the world around.  Especially since he is reading now, he feels extremely wise and grown up.  It’s a funny stage, and at times frustrating, but it is also very endearing and special because he IS growing up; he is transitioning from a “little boy” to a “BOY,” I refuse to call him a BIG boy yet, but he is definitely a *boy* now.  He is a good big brother, very willing to help out and guide his little brother and sister, whether they always appreciate it or not.

collage of two year old girl portraits

Madelyn is the little sister, very much happy with being the baby, and yet also becoming very independent.  She was our little surprise, and we are so glad we were surprised with her!  She is a girly girl who loves her “pretties ” and her dollies and her painted nails; and yet she can hold her own in any fight with her brothers.  She loves her puppy, loves to go outside, loves to say “He’p you?!” and loves to snuggle.

collage of three year old boy portraitsThen there’s Zachary, the middlest, with his goofy faces and fun-loving twinkly eyes.   The two bottom pictures in the set above are so typical of him lately; he has been making these crazy faces and gestures when he talks, that just crack me up!  I can’t decide if he is trying to copy something that he has seen somewhere (PLEASE Lord, not me!!) or if he is just finding new expressions of his own unique self! :)

collage of three year old boy portraits in black and white and color

Zachary, we are so thankful you are in our family, and we love every little bit of you, crazy, sweet and loving, and pessimistic. ;)  You filled up that middle spot in our family just right!

Love, Mom & Dad



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2 responses to “the very middlest | Santa Fe, NM Children and Baby Photographer

  1. Karina

    I LOVE the picts you capture the essence of each I almost could hear them laught

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