Sweet Baby Girl | Santa Fe, NM & Querétaro, MX Newborn Photographer

Recently my family had the chance to be in Mexico to spend some time with family; and while we were there, I was SUPER excited to sneak in a quickie-session with our newest little niece. :)  Baby K  & her mommy and I stayed home from the day’s activities to rest one day;  I took these photos in literally less than ten minutes right at the end of her nap.  I wish I would have had more time, but you take what you can get with at least five crazy and loud older cousins around!! ;)

Newborn baby girl in polka dot wrap, smiling with eyes closed

She was three weeks old here; sooooooo tiny (I am trying to remember, I think she was 5 1/2 pounds?!!?  That seems impossible to me, as mine ranged from 8 lbs 10 oz to 9 lbs 8 oz. at birth…)  and sooooo sweet.  Her mommy & daddy were so proud of her and took such good care of her; I was planning all along to take some family photos as well, but you know how it goes when you don’t have something pre-scheduled—it usually doesn’t happen! :(

Newborn baby girl in polka dot wrap, sleeping

I have never seen a newborn with skin as perfect as hers was.  She is so beautiful, almost like an adult, but in miniature!  She had amazing clear, pinkish baby skin, and always smelled so sweet and good.  (My daughter Madi, a.k.a Wipe-Snatcher, loooooved her Mustela baby wipes, which smell sooooo good, and are so soft!  I bought some when we got back home to the States—I am using them slowly and purposefully, so that yummy smell will last a long time.) :)

closeup of newborn baby girl with earrings in ears

closeup of newborn baby girl with long eyelashes

triptych of newborn baby girl yawning

(Those yawns signaled the end of our happy time together; once she got all the yawns out, she realized something was missing.) :)

diptych of newborn baby girl

I’m probably getting a reputation…  or maybe I already had one…  ;)   But I am SUCH a SUCKER for the crying baby pictures!! :)  In all seriousness, you have to admit that crying is a big part of a newborn baby’s life; and it is so super cute to look back on when they are all grown up and graduating from high school…  or getting married…  ;)  Just keeping it real here, folks!! :)   But really, that picture on the left is so sweet and funny; I just LOVE her little mohawk, and that sober look on her face— “Are we done yet?  I’m so super duper hungry!” :)

To her mom and dad:

I know you two are the best possible parents for this precious little girl; parenthood is an adventure, different every day, and you can never predict what will happen next; but God’s mercies are new every morning as well, and He will guide you through the entire journey!!  Listen to all the advice others give you, but remember, she was given to YOU to raise, and you will be given the wisdom you need for every situation! :)  We love you, and are so happy to welcome this newest little member into the family!!

Much love,

the Santa Fe branch of the Gutiérrez Family :)


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