The Big Five | Santa Fe, NM & Kalamazoo, MI Children’s Photographer

Sometimes, when I am on my way to a session, I wonder what I’m in for. :)  I always tell the parents NOT to worry, NOT to apologize for their children being *children*, that I have three of my own and have experienced just about everything they can throw at me, and “real” is better than those fake cheeeeeeeese smiles…  :)  But if I haven’t met the child yet, or don’t know him very well, I still sometimes wonder to what lengths I will have to go to get good portraits. :)

Let me just say, this session was one of The Easiest Sessions I have ever, EVER had!!!   Any time spent “worrying” in the car, was wasted time!  Mr. A was two weeks short of being the BIG FIVE, and he was definitely the calmest, sweetest, most willing and cooperative five year old boy I have ever photographed!  (And I do have a five year old living at my house, so I know their potential for disaster.) ;)

Little smiling boy peeking through playground equipment

His session was actually one that I donated to a school fundraiser (Prairie Baptist School in Scotts, MI; check it out if you are in the Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, MI area and are interested in a small Christian school with solid academics and great staff!) and so although my main interest is baby & children’s photography, I knew the possibilities were wide open for this session!  Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when A’s parents contacted me and let me know what they had in mind!!

Black and white composite of little boy smiling sitting in grass

His dad’s only specific request for the session was for some black and white images they could add to their hallway gallery (I was happy to oblige–I love me some black and white!)

Little boy holding up five fingers for five years old

Showing off how old he is… :)

Composite of little boy portrait, and little boy with parents

We really had a great time discussing all of his favorite cartoon characters (I’m going to have to admit he pulled some surprises on me here–I had never heard of his favorite show!  Luckily he had heard of mine.) ;)

Composite black and whites of little boy somersaulting

He was also happy to show off all of his skills for me; I have yet to meet a five year old who doesn’t have SOMETHING they would just love to show off to me!! :)

little boy portraits in front of red barn wall

Composite black and whites of little boy portrait, showing off muscles

(Every little boy has an inner superhero.)

Black and white image of little boy hugging his mommy

(I am including this last one because I have a few photos of me with my children, hugging or getting a kiss or whatever, and I really love them and the feelings they represent!   This was just a quick shot right at the end of our session, but I really think it is one of my favorites.)

As I mentioned above, this session was donated to something that I considered to be a worthy cause.   If you know of or are part of an organization or family in the Santa Fe, NM, area that could benefit from a donated session, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  While I cannot accept every request for donations, I will definitely give all suggestions careful consideration!


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