Reflecting You | Santa Fe, NM & Kalamazoo, MI High School Senior Photography

When I was asked to shoot this upcoming high school senior’s photos, I knew it was going to be a fun session, just because his entire family is hilarious!  What I didn’t count on was how much fun the shoot itself was going to be, just because of how unique and personal it was!  Hunter has been actively involved in the Police Academy for a while now, and he plans to pursue a career in police work after graduating from high school.  So he and his dad put together a shoot at the police/fire station, showcasing his very cool personal interests in a fun and awesome way!


High School Senior Boy Portrait outdoors


The entire session took place right at the police station; which shows that you can use unlikely places to turn out a wide variety of images! :)  We took some “normal” or unthemed images, and many using both a squad car and one of the firetrucks.


High School Senior Boy Portraits


We incorporated the station in inconspicuous ways; for example, the two shots above are taken inside the huge firetruck garage, with Hunter sitting up on the trunk of a squad car.


High School Senior Boy Portraits with Reflection in Car Hood

I was super happy with how all of the portraits came out; you may have noticed from the usual content of this blog that I am mostly a baby & children’s photographer, with some families thrown in there (because families are important!!)  So, a high school senior guy was a LEETLE out of my normal subject matter!  But his family and I put our heads together and came up with some awesome ideas, which I thought came out really cool and fun!  I asked them to look online to find any images they thought they would specifically like to try; and I also did some looking.  We both came prepared with one specific favorite—which it turns out was the exact same image!!  We had found the same shot online, by chance, and both absolutely loved it!  It’s always good to know you and your clients have the same end goal in mind for a shoot! :)


High School Senior Boy Humorous Portrait with Dad in back of squad car

Of course we had to do a couple just for laughs… :)  Here Hunter is locking his dad away for bad behavior…  ;)


High School Senior Boy portraits with a tree and a firetruck

High school senior boy portrait in the rear view mirror of a squad car


This was one of my favorites from the entire session–I love the expression you can feel from just the tiny little bit of him that is visible! :)


high school senior boy portraits with tree and police car


And that shot we were both so interested in getting……

High school senior boy portrait with police car in background


Congratulations, Hunter!!!


If you or someone you know is part of the class of 2012, and you’re looking for some fun, unique senior portraits that reflect who you are, shoot me an email ( to see what we can work out!




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2 responses to “Reflecting You | Santa Fe, NM & Kalamazoo, MI High School Senior Photography

  1. Tracie

    Thanks again Lisa! You were so much fun to work with! Never had a better experience with any photographer! You did a great job!!! Everything we expected and more! :)

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