Family Favorites | Santa Fe, NM & Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

I know, I know, it’s not nice to play favorites…  But in all honesty, this is *one* of my very favorite families in the entire world.  :)  (I do have SEVERAL favorite families, and if you think you fit into this category, of course you do!) ;)  Jessica and I go waaaaaaay back, you know, all the embarrassing and crazy and great memories that you have when you’ve known someone basically forever.  She is an amazing people-person, so I’m going to attribute the success of our friendship over the years to her more than to me, as I am NOT great at keeping up with people…  :)  I WILL say that this is one friendship I would go to great lengths to keep around!!  All of that said…  (Wow, was I rambling??) ;)  It has been two months now since I was totally blessed to do this session; what can I say, it’s been a busy summer!!  I’m just happy I’m getting it up while we’re still in the same season! :)

Without further ado…..

family portrait in a green setting with a fountain and pond in background
The “C” Family… :)

Family portraits, with three sisters making silly faces

I always try to keep it light during sessions; if I think someone, especially children, is getting stiff or just isn’t “feeling it,” we can always take a break for a game or to make some silly faces… :)  And many times, the “fun” ice-breaker shots end up being some of my favorites. :)

composite of three sisters

These girls are always lots of fun, and they had lots of energy and lots of crazy ideas for poses! :)  I am almost always willing to try those volunteered ideas…  A couple of them made it into the finished album in this case; I hope they noticed and were happy!! :)

Composite of four children

The last time I was able to take photos of this family, we were on a beach in Pensacola, and they were minus a member! :)  The big news this year has been the birth of their very own adorable little baby BROTHER!!! :)  They have always had an amazing arsenal of pink clothing, with all girls, (I believe she said “pink” was a completely separate load of laundry??) :) so I had to smile when I saw the TOTALLY GREAT styling Jessica did for this session!!  Blues, greens, and yellows, not a shade of pink to be seen!!! :)  I do love me some pink, but I think little brother might possibly be expanding the color horizons for these girly girls. :)

composite of newborn boy with dad and with mom

I just loved these two shots of little baby L with his dad and mom.   He was not 100% thrilled with being a model; we kept him happy as long as we could, but if you know me, you know there is No Possible Way I could have refrained from taking and posting the following photo…  :)

Newborn boy crying as his mom holds him

It’s not a very desperate cry yet; I was hoping for some quavery hands—those REALLY get me. :)  But I am such a sucker for crying baby pictures!!  Crying babies, not so much (I mean, I do love the babies, but I don’t make them cry on purpose!!)  But crying baby PICTURES…  I just love them. :)

I HOPE we can do this again sometime soon (by that I mean sometime in the next couple of years!!) and what do you think about holding the big event in Santa Fe this time around, guys?? :)  You KNOW you want to come out West!!  Thanks so much for always being willing subjects :) and for being the great friends that you are!! :)


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