Two Years Young | Santa Fe, NM Baby & Children’s Photographer

I will be the first to admit that this post goes a *leeeetle overboard* on the pictures!  We actually did this session in two separate installments, as we lost light a lot faster than anticipated the first night, and our little two year old wasn’t digging the whole portrait session for the most part.  However, I was VERY happy we decided to give it another try, because we ended up with a ton of beautiful photos!


Two year old girl with basket of red and green apples

We started out the night downtown Santa Fe, where I knew of some really pretty places for portraits; what I hadn’t counted on was how BUSY those pretty places would be on a Friday night! :)  We had lots of walk-throughs, even more walk-arounds, and several times we had to wait for a little opening to just quick get her set up and take a few quick ones!


two year old girl eating an apple

I thought a basket of red and green apples would make a super cute prop, tying in with the colors in her dress and everything; and I think it did make a cute prop, but I didn’t realize her mouth would be full of apple the entire time! ;)


little girl with basket of apples

She did love being “in charge of” the basket though. :)


little girl making a kissing face

Sending some love daddy’s way :)


little girl with apples in front of a blue door

Downtown Santa Fe is full of little pops of color in unexpected places, like a bright blue door here, or a turquoise (or brilliant green, or deep red) bench there…


I’m telling you, the apples were both a blessing and a curse…. ;)

Anyway, we tried again a couple nights later, in a different (much less crowded) location, and everything went much more smoothly and quickly.  Different night, different hair, different outfit, different location…  It made all the difference! :)


little girl in a tutu with braids on steps

I just loved this poofy white tutu!  She had a lot of fun wearing it, and it was a nice switch from the feel of her other outfit.  (And who doesn’t love twin french braids on a little girl?!) :)


little girl in white tutu on steps


little girl in white tutu holding purple sage flowers, playing peekaboo

She was full of cute faces and games, MORE than willing to smile for the camera. :)  (Maybe because there were no apples nearby, tempting her??)


little girl in white tutu playing peekaboo

I just loved that squishy peekaboo face!! :)


little girl in white tutu

One of my biggest “problems” or issues to deal with regarding photography since moving to Santa Fe, has been the radical change of scenery from what I was used to.  I could take any grassy field, or thickly wooded area, or white beach, and use it for a great portrait location.  But when we moved out here, the overall brown landscape and dry scenes were just not sparking my imagination.  I really like the second part of this session because we used a simple dry riverbed near sunset to contrast with her “girly girl” outfit.  It was a setting I would not have imagined liking so much, but I thought it worked really well.


little girl in white tutu standing in a dry riverbed at dusk

Learning to find inspiration where I am has taken longer than I might have wished; but one thing that has never disappointed is our gorgeous Santa Fe sky!  Looking forward to lots more beautiful backdrops like this one in sessions to come! :)




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