{ Brothers } | Pensacola, FL and Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

It’s been over a year since I had the chance to photograph these sweet brothers.  They were so fun and cute, even though it was RIDICULOUSLY hot and buggy.  I can honestly say, theirs has been *one of* my favorite sessions to date.   We met up in an open field in downtown Pensacola just a block from the bay, which made for some really classic feeling shots.

Baby boy gives his big brother a kiss on the cheek

These boys were so sweet with each other; I don’t *remember* any fighting or unhappiness between them, super impressive considering how unpleasant the weather was at the moment!  I think kids don’t notice weather as much as we adults do…  But that doesn’t take away from how pleasant they were!!

Brothers Photo Session

I brought along an old wooden rocking horse, which I think fit in with the feel of this session perfectly–timeless and classic.

The boys started out in their handsome Easter suits, and then got progressively more casual as we moved through the session, which gave us a nice variety of looks without much trouble at all!  (Their mama picked out all the outfits, and I couldn’t have done a better job!  Super cute!!)

Little boy portrait with old oak tree

We took a little break midway through around this old oak tree, which also made for some nice shots once they’d sung a little Thomas the Train and relaxed. :)

Baby boy portraits with chair and rocking horse

Such a handsome guy!!

Little boys jumping in puddles

To finish out the session we had a totally unplanned little puddle jumping! :)  I can’t say I blame them at ALL, after a hot and sweaty and buggy hour and a half!  I think I *might* have walked through the puddle myself on the way back to the car…  ;)


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