{Mother’s Day Cards–Printable Downloads}


Printable Mother’s Day Cards are now 50% off!!  Just $1 for the download!  You can find them here at my website; look under the Design Shop tab, and select “Printable Downloads.”


Back around Valentine’s Day, I designed some printable Valentine’s Day cards as a free download, and I know that many of you downloaded them (and hopefully used them??)  I really love creating cute, fun, USEABLE graphic designs, and I decided to create something for the soon-upcoming Mother’s Day!!  Probably most of you reading this post are mothers, but many of you will be sending cards to your OWN mothers, and hey, the husbands and kids can always use a helpful hint… ;)  If your husband is on facebook, you could always post a link on your wall and tag him! ;)

(Back to the point…)

So, without further ado, I present…  GTZ Photography & Design’s printable Mother’s Day cards!!

Printable Mother's Day Cards

Rather than creating four *completely* random designs, and also rather than making them all TOO matchy-matchy, I decided to choose a color palette to tie them all in together, and make the designs themselves as different as I wanted. :)  I chose the red/blue/yellow/taupe palette because I have been LOVING those colors lately in my own wardrobe and also around the house, so they are appearing here as well. :)

I came up with four different designs, front and back; they are laid out on a single sheet of 8.5×11″ paper, easily printable in a home printer.  We aren’t cool enough to have a color printer (laser black and white is how my husband rolls) so I took mine to Office Depot and printed two sheets (in case I messed one up.) :)

Printaable Mother's Day cards, front view(front view of all four designs)

Printable Mother's Day cards, back view(back view of all designs)

I cut mine out using a cutting mat (which you can see in the last picture below, lovely bright pink color) :) and exacto knife, but it would be SUPER simple if you have one of those sliding cutters that are so easy to find these days.  I also rounded the corners of mine using a rounded corner punch, but they looked nice either way.

Printable Mother's Day cards, detail view(detail views)

I also decided, just for kicks to make an envelope they would fit in.  They are basically an A2 size, a little smaller really, but they would fit in any A2 size envelope.  (My favorite options so far are available through Paper Source.) :)  BUT I had some paper that sort of coordinated, so I thought I’d see how hard it was–not too hard!  I just cut a 6.75″ square and folded it to fit around the card with a little extra room on all sides, but still overlapping the folds enough to be able to glue them together.  (Did that make any sense at all?)

The pdf files are available for download on my website under the *Design Shop* tab, in the Printable Downloads, at $2 for the entire set.  There is no limit or restrictions on how they can be printed.  If you like them, and think others might like them too, please feel free to share the link to this post (but not the files themselves)! :)  I should also mention that I designed the cards perfectly aligned so that the front & back SHOULD print out exactly on top of each other (short-side binding, if you’re doing it yourself); HOWEVER, every printer prints a little bit differently, especially when doing double-sided printing.  If yours print “off” a little bit, you might have to trim off the overlap, but it shouldn’t be enough to make any difference whatsoever in the appearance of the card!  Just trim them as they appear on one side, and then turn all of the cards over and make sure they were aligned correctly, trimming the edges if not.  (I did include trim guides on the file, so it should be easy to line up your trim lines.)

Speaking of that Design Shop tab, you’ll notice my Spring 2011 Greeting Card collection is available for purchase as well!  The Collection is actual cards/envelopes and some coordinating products, not downloads, and they are absolutely GREAT quality!  I will be doing a separate post highlighting the different features soon, but for now, you can take a look at what is available once again at my website under the *Design Shop* tab, in the “Spring 2011 Greeting Cards” section!

Happy almost-May to all of you!! :)



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4 responses to “{Mother’s Day Cards–Printable Downloads}

  1. I love love LOVE these Lisa!

  2. diane porter

    am i going to get one of these? very cute :)

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