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I have had these yellow images taking up space on my hard drive for over a week, and I can’t remember why I put off posting them right now, but I have decided to STOP procrastinating and JUST DO IT! :)

Sun shining through bush leaves makes them glow yellow

I’ve been very drawn to yellow lately, especially in home decor.  I decided to use yellow as an accent color in my living room, but I have yet to find “the perfect” fabric for curtains or pillows or anything!  I’m pretty much resigned to just making my own; I can’t find anything I like in stores.  I might try looking at Pier 1 again or maybe World Market??  They always have fun prints, but last I was there they still had only winter colors.  For quite a while I’ve been leaning heavily toward this print:

Braemore Emilio Lemon Drop Fabric

I got a sample over a month ago (yes, I take a long time to think about things…  occasionally…) and I haven’t gotten tired of looking at my little 2×4″ or so sample. :)  I wish I could “rent” a pair of curtains already made, or maybe borrow…!!!  To hang them up for a while and see what I think.  I am just hesitant to buy some fairly expensive fabric, and put all the effort into making a really nice pair of curtains, and then if I were to not LOVE them, I would be really disappointed.  So anyway, I recently found this:

Bodega Fabric in Maize/Linen

I don’t have a sample of this; I think I will order one and see how it looks in our living room.   Our (new!! finally!!) lampshades are a natural linen or canvas fabric, which I think would go well with this; it looks like it has a little bit of an organic or “slub” texture or whatever…. maybe??  That’s why samples are nice. :)    But then, I also found THIS one:

Best Friend Fabric in Gray


Which granted isn’t solid yellow and white, but I like the gray’s contrast, AND I think it would make a super-cute gathered skirt with a white layer underneath, maybe about an inch showing??  So I could match my curtains!  Or more likely (since I honestly doubt I would like this as curtains in our living room) I could have a skirt INSTEAD of curtains…  ;)  But if I bought the fabric for curtains, it would be an approved expense! :)  But since my husband does read this, I obviously just gave away my evil plan.  Oh well.  All of these fabric can be found at Tonic Living, among other places online.  (Silly blog won’t let me set links today, so you’ll have to do your own google search if you’d like to view their gorgeous collection of fabrics and home decor.  I think I could decorate my entire house with their stuff and be happy.)  I would loooove insight on my  curtain fabric dilemma!  Which do you like?  I am trying to think outside the box as far as decorating goes; I always love funky, fun, creative rooms that I see online or in store demos or whatever, but I’ve never really achieved that look in my own house.   I think those of you who know me understand that I don’t want to go TOO edgy, but I want to try something on the “fun” end of classic! :)


Yellow plant life in Santa Fe, NM

Back to the original intent of this post… ;)  We were out for a walk a while back, and aside from the truly yellow plants everywhere (or brownish-yellow…) I loved how the sun shining through the leaves of some of the bushes made them glow a gorgeous golden yellow color.


Sunset over Santa Fe field


And as we all know, the sun is yellow and has a smiley face (and usually appears in the upper left corner of the picture!), so this picture of the sun setting TOTALLY counts as yellow!! :)


Forsythia blooms in Santa Fe, NM


Seeing this last image reminded me why I waited so long to making my yellow post. :)  I kept intending to take some photos of this beautiful bush, and not doing it!  Today I finally ran over there before naptime so my last excuse was gone. :)  I THINK this is a forsythia bush; we had them in our yard growing up, and every time I see this one I want to grab a branch up where it’s thicker, squeeze, and pull all the way to the end. :)  Do you know what I mean??  Where you pull all the blooms off into your hand, and they’re all stacked up like one big fat flower?!  I used to LOVE doing that with the huge one that grew in our yard.  I managed to refrain today (the bush doesn’t belong to us, didn’t want to ruin anybody’s landscaping…) ;) but it brings back good memories.









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4 responses to “{color & texture} | yellow (and curtains…)

  1. Jessica Cusano

    So, that sunset picture is one of the most AMAZING pictures I think I have ever seen!! You should do something with that and SELL it! :) *I* would want to buy it!! :) Post card? Wall portrait? SOMETHING! :) Oh curtains… I am in such a dilemma as well… I am NO where near as adventurous as you… I will surely not be MAKING mine… but I love your ideas and how you know what it is you sort of want… :) I seem to have trouble with that! :( *SIGH* I mean, it’s my house, I DO have taste… WHY is it that I can’t picture what I want?!? I tend to copy… and I HATE that about myself! I so need to be more original… I need to work on that! I was JUST in walmart today wandering down the curtain isle… it was one of those sort of rare moments where I was there without anyone else! Usually I use school hours to come home and shower and do a whole lot of nothing, but today I was ready to go BEFORE school! :) ANYWAY… I am looking forward to googling that site you mentioned, even though if it’s strictly fabrics, I won’t be going that route (which is silly, I should learn… but not yet!) :) But maybe I could get some ideas about a print I might like, or design, or SOMETHING! :) Yellows are great colors to work with… I hope you’ll share more as you decide what you are doing… you KNOW how I love to see what you are up to (like when I snoop through the background of your pictures that you post!) :)

    • The site is NOT just fabric, it has other pre-made stuff too!! Pillows and STUFF. ;) And I know exactly what you’re talking about re: having a hard time deciding what YOU want for your house. I have always copied something–when I first got married I copied Angela (Porter) and then it was other stuff, but I think this living room is the first time I have really just looked until something just SCREAMED that it was right! :) And I’m still working on it. (You know—I’m going to take that back–I’m in the same process with my bedroom, and I think also I did that with Madi’s room! So I’ve been improving!) :) Anyway, I know, it’s hard to really think about what will fit in your room, what you will love, what will all work together, and then save up the money to actually DO it… But I’m really happy with it so far! :)

  2. I think the texture of the second one should be the “winner”. It’s very simple and more elegant compared to the others, especially if you look at the first one that seems like a table cloth.

    • I did end up going with the 2nd one; I now have a package of fabric sitting on the shelf in my bedroom, that I haven’t done anything with yet! :p I do definitely plan to make the curtains eventually; just not right this second! ;)

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