{three weeks young} | Santa Fe, NM Newborn Photographer

A few days ago I had the chance to do a mini portrait session for the beautiful baby Nataly.  She was already three weeks “old” (can you really call that old?) and so was a little past the ideal age for newborn portraits, but she was quite small and was sleeping every time I saw her all day—so I was hoping she would just keep right on sleeping!  She, however, was NOT tired and she just refused to close her eyes whatsoever!  I think I saw one little yawn, but she valiantly shook it off and kept her eyes right on me. :)


Newborn Girl wrapped in scarf with white flower in hair


If this had been a standard full length portrait session,  I would have hung around for as long as it took to get some of those precious sleeping baby images.   I allow *several* hours for a newborn session–just because you never know what is going to happen!  There are always diapers to be changed and meals to be eaten and cries to be soothed and backs to be patted, as well as lots of rearranging and situating of props and backgrounds, so I just plan from the beginning for the session to last a while.  However, this was a mini, and we worked with the time that we had, and we were all happy with the results!


Newborn girl on black background wearing a tutu with a flower headband


This little girl acted like she knew EXACTLY what was going on, and she didn’t want to take her eyes off me for a second!  She followed my every move with her eyes, probably wondering who I was and what that big black growth on my face was. :)


Baby toes with scarf threads


Newborn girl with tutu and flower headband lifting head


This session is a great example of how even a small space can work beautifully for a newborn session.  I am without exception an on-location photographer as of right now, and for this session we were set up in a back bedroom with just a small window that let in a fair amount of light.  The window was at camera left in all of these images; baby Nataly was positioned on a bed in front of the window, I was right in front of her, and directly behind me was the wall. :)  I was sweating up a storm, but it was just right for keeping a baby warm and snuggly.  :)


Newborn girl on tummy, with tutu and flower headband


If you are interested in booking a newborn session, take a moment and visit my website or just contact me directly at gtzphotography@gmail.com.



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  1. I completely LOVE this!! :) I actually am a pretty big fan of how awake she is!! :) I love those BIG ole eyes just looking right at you! :) SO cute!!! She is a doll baby and I also really like how her name is spelled! :) Babies are so fun… I hope I still feel that way when I have a “live in” version! :) LOL And don’t you go thinking 3 weeks is old… you’re going to work magic with a one month-er soon! ;)

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