{color & texture} | black, and white, and sick days all over…


While the entire household was recovering from “Influenza A,” I was feeling a little closed in, and decided to try another color & texture challenge.   I tried to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING bright and cheerful to make a nice happy color post, but we were buried in Kleenex and blankets and cups of Sprite. :)  So I ended up instead doing a “black and white” theme, not black and white post-processed photos, but more along the lines of contrasting light and shadows.  It was a bit of a challenge, and the end result was not as exciting as I’d hoped, but here it finally is!

(I got a little behind in emptying off the camera card, what with high fevers here and babies stealing cough drops there…) ;)

Kleenex Box(the theme of our lives for a few weeks…)

Kleenex, Rumpled Blanket, and Closed Blinds(the boys lived on our couch for over a week, blinds closed almost all the time because I had cartoons or movies on just about 24/7 so they would lie there and rest)

Fences & a Window(ventured outside to see what there was to see in the germ-free zone)

Popcorn Ceiling(the lovely view when you are lying on the couch…) :)

Black & White Boston Terrier Puppy(is this cheating? :)  he is definitely black and white, and he was definitely very present…) :)

Hoping to have some changes up on the blog before too long!  My website is now live but not really finished.  I’m having some “issues” finalizing which way to go with my branding, but in the meantime, I have a (fairly bare bones) website up and running!  You can view it at http://gtzphotography.com if you like. :)  As soon as I have my rambling ideas all together, it will look a bit different, and so will this blog!  I myself can’t wait to get it all finished!  My husband thinks I’m spending WAAAAAYYYYYY too much time thinking and changing and re-designing and scrapping it and starting all over…  But I really do want it to be “me” and to be “just right.”  I could pay someone to do it for me….  If I had some extra money lying around….  But I feel like I know how to do the stuff, so I should just do it!  I may end up sharing some ideas along the line and asking for some input, who knows.

Thanks to all for the many comments on my previous post!  I know it was a little bit out of the realm of normal for a “photography & design” blog, but like I said, I like to keep sort of wide parameters for that kind of thing!  I’d love any suggestions about future post topics for the future, if you have any!  I’m open to photography or post-processing tutorials, or any sort of design topic you might think of!  I can’t GUARANTEE that I’ll be able to actually cover ANY topic suggested, but I’d love to hear ideas!


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