{ germs }

I had all kinds of fun Valentine’s Day ideas, and I really wanted to do a “red/pink” theme for my color & texture challenge, but instead…



THE GERRRRRRRRRMS have taken over………



I have had the most horrible cold/cough since last Thursday, and just haven’t had the energy to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary!


I did make a couple more card designs…

(5″ round)


Today I’ve had a tiiiiiiiiiny bit more energy than yesterday, so I actually have a load of laundry going.  !!  It’s a beautiful day outside, 54 degrees according to weather.com, and the boys are outside getting dirty. :)  It’s okay, they needed a bath anyway.  Madi is wandering the house (she’s jealous that she couldn’t go outside–maybe later when I can step out with her) and Guster is in his (open) crate, chewing on the bars.  Strange dog.  :)

Reading a new book–it’s called One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  It came in the mail for me from amazon, and Victor brought it over, asking me why I bought it.  I know this is hard to believe, but I TOTALLY do not remember buying it!  I do remember looking at it–I had seen it recommended by someone, don’t remember who (!! mom-brain is getting bad!), but I didn’t remember actually buying it, although obviously I had!  So now that it’s here, I’m reading it! :)  (Makes sense, right?)  It’s very thought-provoking, a little stream-of-consciousness-ish, which I’m not used to, and I find it takes more “work” to read it than something I would normally choose.  But a lot of what she (Ann Voskamp) describes is right up my alley, so I’m enjoying it.  I usually pick it up to read a couple of pages and find myself still trying to put it down half an hour later.  So (I just found her blog or “journal”–it came up when I googled her name a minute ago) anyway, I’m happy that I accidentally (?) bought the book.  Maybe you’d like it too??


I don’t even have a photo to post today.  I really tried to take pictures Sunday afternoon, but I couldn’t find enough energy. :p  I hope to catch up soon.  My poor kids and husband are ready for me to be more than just dragging myself through the days, and *I* am ready too.  (Ann’s blog is still open in another tab, and I’m loving the music she has playing.  It’s so calming and beautiful–just what I needed right now!)

Guster’s shredding a napkin, Madi has disappeared; life calls…  :)  Happy Tuesday to you!



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