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I had the opportunity last week to spend the morning with my friend Maria from church and her cutie patootie kiddoes.  I was going into a little bit of baby withdrawal, so this was just what I needed to get my fix in! ;)   Their beautiful baby girl is four months old and has discovered her most fun plaything ever, her tongue; so we had quite a time trying to get a picture with the tongue IN her mouth!  She is just as cute as can be!  (And the mirror image, pink version, of her older brother!)

My husband and I were talking about their home; it is painted such bright, vibrant colors inside!   We chose pretty “tame” paint colors in our last home, but we agreed that around here, you NEED a good dose of color inside to counteract all the brown outside!!  Everywhere you look are adobe buildings and sand and dry riverbeds and bare trees (this time of year anyway) and it felt very cheerful in their home.  BUT back to the point…  :)

She was so happy to be able to look out the window, it was hard to get her attention to look my way, but my trusty lens cap did the trick again. ;)  Why do babies all want my lens cap?!

Her mommy had so many adorable outfits for us to look through, but I just loooooved this little hat!!  A friend of hers made it for her son when he was a baby, and now little sister got her chance.  It looked so cute with her little froggie outfit too of course. :)

I always see her grasping at her little toes at church, and we wanted to take some cute detail images like that, but she was not in the mood! ;)  So, we had a little convincing to do, and she got the idea after a few failed attempts. :)

I did have my backdrops with me, but I really liked how striking the bright blue walls looked in the background, so we went with it!

The last two images above are two versions of a product that not everyone might realize is an option when ordering prints.  They are called “storyboards,” and they include several different images on one print.  Some common sizes are 10″ x 20″ (like the two above) or 20″ x 20″ (or other square sizes.)  Storyboards are often used to “tell a story” from the portrait session; as in the sequences above, with the different perspectives of the fingers/toes and the three variations of the same pose.  They could also be used with family sessions, for example, to include images of individuals and different groupings of the family members all on one print.  The design options are limitless.  The two that I’ve shown here are on a very simple white background, but they can also be as elaborate as you want, with colors and patterns and artwork.

If you are interested in more information about ordering storyboards, feel free to contact me at gtzphotography@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

Thanks again to Maria and her family for the baby fix!!  ;)  It came at just the right time!


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