{ riverbed walk }


Saturday we went for a walk in the riverbed that runs right behind our house.  It is quite large, and we have not yet seen it with ANY water in it (except for the ice in the storm drain).  I *think* that maybe water runs in it sometime…?????  Maybe in the spring when the snow melts?????  I really don’t know.  :)  Anyway, in its dry state, it’s great for walks and for calf/foot exercise!!  (Walking in the sand or dirt in the bottom is pretty much exactly like walking on the beach–a great workout, and not good for hurrying…) :)

A friend of Gabriel and Zachary’s came along with us and they had a great time exploring; they kept yelling “There’s a snake!” or climbing up the sides to “see what’s over there.” :)  There were all kinds of great “treasures” to find (also known as junk) and it all felt very old-west!  :)  We kept waiting for the Indians to come war-whooping over the edge.


boy in desert with sticks

I love this picture of Zachary; it *feels* so Santa Fe, with all the brown.  Brown dirt in the background, brown coat on, brown sticks in his hands…  It fits right in around here.  :P  (I should mention that we have a large cottonwood tree in a front yard, so when spring/summer comes, we will have a small patch of green with lots of white fluffies amidst all the brown!)



Small boy walking holding mom's hand

I’ve been thinking about taking a picture like this for a while now.   I don’t think this one 100% captured what I was wanting to, but I do like it.


The boys and their friend waiting to ambush us. :)  I think we caught my two a little off guard; it’s a good thing they had a better-prepared friend along, or we would have scalped them.


I love to watch my husband with all of our kids, but it is especially neat to see how he and Madi interact.  She absolutely LOVES him; her main word (for everyone and everything) is still “Da-da,” and she gets sooooo excited when he comes home from work.  It’s nice to see the gentler “daddy of a little girl” side of him. :)


We found a good sized storm drain (??–not sure of the super correct terminology here) ;) that let out into the riverbed; it had a good amount of ice in the bottom of it, so I know that water does come from somewhere into the river, but I’m curious to see if the river ever actually *runs.*  Anyway, it was big enough to stand up inside, and it was just covered in graffiti for as far as I could see into it without a flashlight.  I think I mentioned a while back that I am not really into “edgy” stuff, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity! :)  I wanted to take some fun shots of the boys too, but having a friend along, they were not into the whole “portrait” idea.  Who am I kidding–when are they EVER into getting their pictures taken?!


I love the bright, wild colors with her coat and her sober little expression.  I may be super-ultra-uber-biased, but I think she is crazily cute. :)


This last one is just for laughs really.  The other night, after dark, we were all getting into the car to go somewhere, when this loud noise came out of the darkness and scared Gabriel silly.  He shot off around the other side of the car (he had been being a little bit naughty, so I at first didn’t realize he was scared; I thought he was just escalating in his naughtiness.)  Anyway, Victor was cracking up and told him that the noise was just a donkey!  So as we were taking our walk Saturday, we felt suspiciously like we were being watched. :)  Victor finally realized that this little guy along the rim of the riverbed was keeping a close watch on us! :)  He must be the noise-maker from the other night.  I thought it was so funny that none of us but Victor even recognized his donkey-noises. :)  I will say though, that the boys’ friend who was along gave a pretty much PERFECT imitation of his HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhaw.  Maybe it comes with growing up in the southwest??  I bet my boys have him beat at seagull imitations. :)


Tonight I am glad we took that walk; snow is flying like crazy!  The kids are all excited to see the snow (and I’m not too disappointed) but it’s not going to be very good walking-weather for a while.  Curious to see how the puppy will do with having to go outside in the snow. :p   It might be a good thing I bought that carpet deodorizer the other day!!







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2 responses to “{ riverbed walk }

  1. Jessica Cusano

    “I may be super-ultra-uber-biased, but I think she is crazily cute.” And I agree 100%!! :D

    I had to laugh at the donkey story… poor, sweet Gabriel… I have many memories of him doing that, because of the IZZY MONSTER… :) I don’t know if I will EVER forget that day he had wandered into our front yard after you guys got here, and I didn’t realize he was out there and out went Izzy… Oh my goodness… Gabriel would just shriek and then he leaped up into the air and just THREW himself onto the ground. Poor guy! Just as long as he doesn’t really do that if he is really getting attacked sometime… :) He is a sweetie!!! :) I am glad for the memories I got to make this summer with them, even if it’s not a TON! :( Your pictures are great, as usual! :) It’s neat to see the more Sante Fe look!!! Thanks for sharing! Your posts are always looked forward to!! :)

  2. I always forget these funny stores until you bring them up…. :) Now I am laughing about the Izzy story again! He is MUCHHHHH better with little Gus-Gus… :) Although sometimes he does still get a little bit worried. Puppy teeth are sharp you know. And about getting attacked–I know, I’ve actually wondered about that before. His flailing limbs are pretty effective though. I know from tickling him. :)

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