{ sweet one year old } | Kalamazoo, MI and Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

Little people are my favorite to photograph.  :)  There is no self-consciousness in front of the camera, no worrying about whether it’s the “right smile” or not, no fidgeting with clothes or wondering where to put their hands.  Just pure……. spontaneity!  You never know what they are going to do or how they are going to react!  I know for some that can be nerve-wracking, but I really enjoy it.  My favorite images of children are the “real” ones.  You know, the unposed and sometimes unexpected ones where their true personality shines right through, where you get the “real” smiles (rare for my kids!) and the sparkly eyes…  :)

I can’t believe it’s been six months since little Madi’s one year old session!!  I really wanted to capture the wonder and curiosity of her age, with the whole world opening up to her in new ways.  I like the simple setting of a field at sunset; it’s uncomplicated and doesn’t distract from the star of the images. :)

Baby girl sitting in a fieldGazing up at Daddy :)  This is actually the very first image I took that evening.


Baby girl one year old photos in field

I just looooove the glow of the sun behind her and the look on her little face! :)


She had been crabby the whole afternoon, but the moment we put her down in that field with all the flowers, it was like a switch was flipped.  She was so happy to be “exploring” and able to touch and feel everything!  I thought she might not like it if it was poky or itchy (I was always a big “itchy” hater) but she didn’t seem to mind a bit!





Baby girl in field with hay bales behind


Looking at Madi’s one year old portraits reminds me that it’s time (or a little past time!) for her 18 mos. session.  I’ve been a little bit at a loss since moving here to Santa Fe; nothing is like what I am used to!  There is very little grass or even greenery even in the summer; and of course right now it’s the middle of winter, which could be pretty with snow—if there was any snow!!  I know there are some amazing and perfect locations for on location portrait sessions around here; so if someone could send me the list with gps directions I would be SOOO grateful!!  And don’t forget the locations have to be child friendly! ;)

All joking aside, I really do miss all the portrait sessions and am looking forward to getting back into that on a more regular basis–someday.  Right now I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, and that if I tried to put more into my daily lineup, something somewhere would fall apart (possibly me!)  So I will be content with my “daily duties” in the meantime! :)




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2 responses to “{ sweet one year old } | Kalamazoo, MI and Santa Fe, NM Children’s Photographer

  1. Lisa, These are stunning! I am IN LOVE with that last one!!!!

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