{ missing summer & friends } | Pensacola, FL & Santa Fe, NM Family Photographer

Before I even start, I want to just say that we are SO BLESSED.  God has placed our family in a wonderful area with the most amazing church family.  They have welcomed us as if they had known us all their lives (except of course they didn’t know what they were getting into in where our children are concerned…) ;)  and have treated us with generosity like we have never known.  We live RIGHT NEXT to a beautiful mountain range, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where we can go hiking or skiing (if we wanted to, which we haven’t yet) or camping or exploring…  It is definitely very different from what we were used to, but it is amazing, and we are excited to see what the future holds for us here in Santa Fe!  (Have I mentioned that I never, EVER expected words like “Albuquerque” and “arroyo” and “adobe” to be an everyday part of my children’s vocabulary??  That is just too weird.) :)

All of that said—we miss our wonderful friends that we left behind, both times that we’ve moved in the past year!  And right now, I miss beautiful, green, luscious, SUMMER.  (If we ever visit Pensacola in the summer, I will immediately remind you of why I in fact HATED summer in Florida, but the summer of 2010 in Michigan was just breathtaking, and the images I’ll be posting if I can ever stop rambling were taken PRE summer in Pensacola, but they look enough like summer right now for me!  I’m cold!) :)  I’m not complaining about the cold–I just really feel deep down inside that if it’s going to be cold, there ought to be snow on the ground.  Lots and LOTS of snow.  But right now it’s just cold and horribly windy, with no snow.  Blah.  :)

Anyway, before we moved from Pensacola, I was able to take some family portraits for great friends of ours, and looking at them today makes me miss all the people and things we left behind there!  Posting them now before I get TOO teary eyed!! ;)  This is Laurie and her family.  Laurie blogs over at Sense and Sensitivity; she has tons of good stuff on cloth diapering, children with allergies, as well as some very honest looks at her own struggles.

Rust Family Collage


We met at a beautiful little park right next to a little strip of beach on the Santa Rosa Sound, just as the sun was starting to set.  The light was so nice, and I just love the great colors and outfits she put together!

Rust Family Beach Collage


She also wanted to get several images of her baby girl, so I brought my “bag of goodies” (props) :) along and we did a little “accessorizing.” :)

Baby Edith


Big sister had really bonded with her daddy since the birth of her little sister, and we got several great “unposed” shots of the two of them together!


Daddy and Daughter


Okay, so now I’m packing my bags and heading to the beach…  My fingers have turned into little ice cubes writing this post, and I need some sun and greenery!! :)



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