{ chunky monkey & family } | Pensacola, FL & Santa Fe, NM Newborn / Family Photographer

Looking at these photos makes me wish I could go give that chunky monkey a hug right now, but since we have moved across the country, that’s just not possible!  I mentioned a few posts ago that since our big move, I am taking it easy on the photography front (read: I have not had a session since the move, and that’s okay with me right now!) but I wanted to do some back-posts of previous sessions since this blog is SUPPOSED to be about photography as well as design! ;)

M Family beach session


I decided to start with this family because a.) the newborn portraits I was able to take of their little son are some of my favorites ever :) and b.) they have been such a huge blessing and encouragement to me and my family the entire time that we have known them!  Plus they’re all super photogenic. ;)  This family has returned to me for numerous sessions, and I’m still trying to figure out some way to bring them here to the high mountain desert (Michelle–read: much better hair days!) ;) of Santa Fe!


Justice Collage


I’m actually combining two sessions in this post; we had a separate newborn session for baby J, and then a few weeks later, a family session at our lovely white Pensacola beach, which I miss more than I had thought I would.  (Free info.) ;)


Justice green


Isn’t he dreamy?!  He was SUCH a good boy for the entire session; he was so sleepy and calm (as far as I remember!) and although his daddy kept popping in with “that poor boy” comments, I think baby J had a great time!  :)  I used all natural (window) light along with a reflector for these portraits; a calm and quiet house, thanks to his super-capable mommy, didn’t hurt either!


Justice with hands

This image was taken during the one time when he started to get fussy; I had his mom put her hands on him to settle him down for a minute, and I loved the “feel” of how this turned out, although it wasn’t what I had originally intended!  He looks so safe and serene in his mommy’s hands…  It reminds me of verses from the book of Isaiah: “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?  Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.  Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…”  (Is. 49:16)  We mommies know that feeling of love we have for our own babies, so much love that it’s hard to even understand it sometimes; but we are still humans, and humans fail and forget.   But God is not human, and he does not fail!  Okay, I know that was a LITTLE off the topic, but it’s a good reminder, right?!


Justice with parents


You can see in the two images above, he looks maybe a tiny bit less “newborn-y” in the 2nd one (with daddy)–that one was taken during the family session at the beach.  It was pretty windy, which explains the squinty eyes. :)


Morgan family composite


Baby J may be the newest cutie in his family, but he certainly is not the ONLY cutie!!  He has two adorable older sisters to take good care of him, and they got their share of the cuteness factor as well!!


Morgan family composite 2


I just love the top right picture in this set–if you look closely, you can see the whole family reflected in Uncle J’s glasses.  He came along to help wrangle children (and provide the sunglasses necessary for this shot, of course!)


I have been doing a lot of thinking about organizing “travel” sessions, where I will travel to whatever destination free of charge to hold sessions, provided I have a certain number of full price sessions booked for that trip.  I am still thinking through all the logistics (it’s not as easy as it might seem with three small people :) {those would be our kids} and a busy husband-pastor who can’t just “take time off” for the most part), but if I do make it back to Pensacola, you can be sure I will be looking this family up!!  You guys really don’t have a choice; you realize that, right?!  ;)




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