{ valentine’s day cards! }

Although my kids are not in school yet, I still have always liked for them to hand out Valentine’s Day cards to their friends in the nursery or their Sunday school classes; and last year, I organized a Valentine’s Day party for several of my stay at home mom friends and their children–of course, that party was sabotaged by the first snow Florida had seen in QUITE some time, but a few party-ers still managed to show up! ;)  That being said, I just can’t get into Transformer or Iron Man valentines (two boys after all!) ;)   This year, I decided that rather than trying to find cute and age appropriate cards at the store , I would just make my own!  I may have strayed a LITTLE from the “boy” theme–only one specifically boy design made it–but I can’t wait to print and hand them out anyway!!

and the backs…

These cards are available as a free download for a limited time only!  I am planning to add larger versions to my shop as mix-and match sets (contact me for more info on that if you are interested!) but for now, you can download the jpgs here.   They are the standard wallet size (2.5×3.5″) and can be printed at your favorite photo lab(one sided only), or on your home computer if you prefer; or I suppose you could get them printed at the FedEx store or something like that as well.  The files are sized at exactly 2.5×3.5″, so be aware that if you try to print a larger size, they will not look good.  (I’m just sayin’!)  If you are interested in a top quality card, I can also print them at my lab for you (minimum orders apply as required by the lab.)  Contact me for more information on that if you are interested!

You’ll probably also notice that a couple of the cards include a photo, and a few more have a space where a photo clearly could go.  The downloadable files do NOT include the photos pictured here–they’re just examples. :)   For those who are “likers” of my facebook page, you also have the option to include a photo of your own on your card.  You can view my fb page here; click “like” if you have not already done so, then just shoot me an email at gtzphotography@gmail.com with your chosen image and the card you’d like to use it on.  I’ll insert the photo into the file and send it back to you, all polished and ready to print! ;)  This service is free–just because I want to do it!  If you do not have a photo you would like to use, the cards are designed so that the “photo” space can be used for writing the To/From information, or for adding your own little personal note to the card if you wish.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email (the address again is gtzphotography@gmail.com) or leave a comment on this post.  I’d love to hear if you like the cards!  I do want to mention that you are MORE than welcome to share the cards with others; the only thing I ask is that you send them here to my blog or to my facebook page (here) to download the files, rather than just passing them on yourself.

Hope you all enjoy, and Happy (very early) Valentine’s Day!!

(Now I want to plan a party for this year too…  Time to start making another list!)


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