{ life is worth remembering }


Back to the world of blogging!

I’m super excited (and a little apprehensive) about this.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve made any regular blog posts, and starting up a new blog with a new program in a new year (but it’s not a New Year’s resolution, so I should be good right?!) is a bit much!  (Hey, I get overwhelmed easily!)  ;)

I have several reasons for wanting to get this going though (I’m sure those will all come up eventually) but my *main* motivation is sitting over to my right at this moment——–> Right over there, see him?  And another part of it is running around the room, on an Infants’ Advil high (running a fever for a couple days).  The other two parts are off at church but will be home soon.  :)  I was looking back over my previous blog the other day (looking for a recipe that I thought I may have posted once upon a time) and it was *so nice* to re-read all those memories and cute sayings and meaningful lessons and other things I had shared on my blog.  I had forgotten almost all of the little events, but reading them brought them right back; I could picture them just as they happened!  I know there are many things from the past (non-blogging) year that I would have liked to remember, but probably won’t, because I didn’t make a point of recording them.  (*insert sad face here*)   Reading all those old posts reminded me that life, *my* life, is worth remembering, even if just for me.  Even if nobody else reads it, I want those memories!  People used to (I suppose many still do?) record daily events in journals; I want to create a modern-day journal full of stories and lessons and beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) pictures of LIFE.

Kids Christmas Picture


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